Feature Updates

Feature Additions

1. User Created Groups / Lists 

I'm not sure what I want to call it yet, but user curated groups (lists?) currently function as follows. When you are in an athlete's detail view and tap the '+' button at the top right a group selection view will be displayed where you can see all your current groups, and if the athlete you were viewing is in one of those groups a check mark will be next to that group. To add the athlete to a new group or 

2. AutoLayout and iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Support

These aren't major additions for the app because most of my views are table views and text, so they scale with screen dimensions very easily, but I did completely redo the AthleteDetailView with AutoLayout to more easily support larger screen sizes and hopefully make it easier to support landscape orientation in the future (no promises though). 

Bug Fixes

1. Core Data - Read-Only SQLite

I don't fully understand all of the details, but from what I've gathered copying a pre-generated SQLite file from the app bundle to the user documents sandbox doesn't easily handle the multiple files generated while using Write Ahead Logging (WAL), and as a consequence Core Data doesn't like to open SQLite files that were generated with WAL as Read-Only. The most direct solution was to disable the WAL features for BOTH the importer and the app by including the following options string in the NSPersistentStore initialization. 

NSDictionary *options = @{NSSQLitePragmasOption:@{@"journal_mode":@"DELETE"}};

2. Search Crashes

There was a bug that caused the app to crash when you searched>View an athlete>return to the search>started to delete the search string one character at a time. The bug was caused 

Features In Progress

  • Server-side Database Loading

Identified Bugs

  • User curated groups don't persist after app restarts
  • Lines through search results when changing search criteria after viewing an athlete from previous search criteria if the search results didn't fill the display.